Pensione Rittmeyer is ideally located in the very centre of Trieste, just a short walk from the railway station, the Faculty of Psychology, the School for Interpreters and Translators, and from Trieste’s most striking sights. Within easy walking distance are the Molo Audace pier, Piazza Unitŕ d’Italia – Europe’s largest square facing the sea – innumerable shops and the art and culture sites of the town.

Trieste is the quintessential Central European town: a veritable crossroad, where different ethnicities and cultures, landscapes – the Karst Plateau and the sea – and trades coexist and mingle. A town full of ancient history, as the Roman Theatre and the Arco di Riccardo (a Roman gate) attest, Trieste also offers visitors plenty of museums, theatres, shops, restaurants, pubs and night clubs. Visitors can also immerse themselves in the magical atmospheres of the historic literary cafés - where the great writers who have narrated the town used to meet: Svevo, Saba, Joyce, Rilke and Slapater. Or they can taste the local specialities, like the cooked ham baked in bread, the yota (Istrian stew), boiled meats prepared in the Austrian tradition and seafood and fresh fish from the Gulf. All paired with the characteristic wines of the Karst area and the local desserts. Absolutely not to miss are, of course, the several fine coffee blends, served in countless recipes by Trieste’s skillful bartenders.